Tell Me Lyrics

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Tell Me Ft. Crys Ricks
Written by: Ric Sincere and Nakia Ricks
Produced by: Jordan Roe
Hook :
I been I been looking at you feeling like
Im getting sick and tired of feeling what I’m feeling like
I would love to talk about it, we can get it right I feel like I’d be feeling right if you just
Tell me how you feel
Tell me how you feel
Can’t control this rocking motion always feeling overloaded like just never slows down
So Tell me how you feel
Tell me how you feel
Verse 1:
Hurt for days when we last talk
Safe to say that you ain’t walking that same walk that you was walking when you stop time and I was
proud of it
You were young then, fun then
Before the big dreams and those half wits
Before the alcohol and that aspirin
Before everyday, was just a long sprint
Seems now, when you calm down
I can’t get a word in before you yawn out
No Time for me before you clock out
Tweets out, Lights out
I’m jealous now of those bed spreads, it use to be me after the hashtag
I just feel spent, I just feel spent
It’s just not like it was then I use to give you that buzz then
I was your captain Morgan now I have to bargain for that ole jargon
Ole Father that Ole Lordy
I still recall when that all started
When your voice changed and it was half hearted
(and I know it)
Verse 2
How far do we go now
How far can we go now
I be feeling like I never really wanted you to slow down
But at this pace we could never grow
What you tryin’ hide from me like I don’t know
I’d rather you be stone cold

I’d rather make it all clear
I rather you ….let go
There’s something that’s different lets get to the heart of it
I been right here from the start of it
I gave you the world and you wanted no part of it
Look at you thinking like I never thought of it
Unopen Letters……just sitting on the ottoman
I don’t know no other man
Who got the world and wanna give it to you all
Make it fall
Tell me I never call
Tell me You want it all
Tell me I wouldn’t pull down stars
What’s a car to a man that can pull down mars
What’s lost to a man that can tell you who you are
You’re a diamond I want you in the finest things
Rose petals on the floor when you walk with me
You never think I listen when you talk to me
But I ain’t never really wanted you apart from me at all

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