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I think we got a problem

them haters bout to make me snap

Im fading all them

them haters bout to bring me back

back up off me don’t make me snap

back up off me don’t make me snap

back up off me don’t make me snap

Aww naw they bout to hear me snap!


Verse 1 (Sincere):

Whomsoever wills let them deal with me

we got a multitude of enemies thats clear to see

we be that problem they can’t solve


Somebody turn up the alarm if you been sleep on E

Alright I do this for my kin folk

Christy Neicee nymphos

that claim that life but they don’t really know what they are in for

My $20 deacons who always looking for singles

We aint judging homie

you who we where sent for

we been chilling in the shadows

not the heroes they asked for but

desperate situations call for desperate ammo

so who they think they dealing with

He is my ventriloquist

and I am just his dummy

i don’t even know why Im so into this y’all




Verse 2 (Christy Love):

Why I feel like everybody got a problem tho

like sin city got them falling like dominos

I think I really want to slap them with the Holy Ghost

like adios to your whack life, vaminos, yo

I swerve when they acting up

I just hit em with the flex when they acting tough

when I hit em with the Word they be backing up

cause Im flying like an eagle and they quacking ducks


You wanna speculate

and point fingers when I make mistakes

I snap back like stop the hate

cause we all go to hell without amazing grace

a lot of y’all flip flop

but I aint got time for the trip hop

they say we saved so we can’t do hip hop

but if you hating on me team you can kick rocks cause

my God too cold for that

and Im trying to go hard no holding back

they say we whack for this gospel rap but

we running circles like culdasacs

they second guessing

they keep sweating

we just keep getting better

forming arrows

forming weapons but my God is forever




Verse 3 (Jeremaya):

Why is everybody dope boys

they say they fly like G4s

role models we need more

cause the hood got some detours

they talk all that madness

playing games John Madden

no hope bring sadness

dead weight toe tag it

the future don’t look bright

when the crime look right

playing balls with strikes

gotta fight the good fight

win life

throw jabs

move towards the right path

even if it don’t bring math

the root of evil is easy cash

let me tell the truth

telling you to shoot

riding for the group

but still slave like roots

lets go against the grain

be the kid Purple Rain

ask God take the pain

you free

drop the Chains


Verse 4 (Lauren Amadi):

Something about the screeching sound of fingernails on chalkboards

something about the teaching from a pastor faking for the Lord

something about you reaching out to hookers hoping for a score

something about you leaching on to me I don’t love you no more

raping stages

wanting wages

scratching your performance itch

Pitch a fuss

you quick to ditch us

cuss us out cause you not rich

I am sick

sick with all the burdens of the foolishness

so Im go tick you off and take you back to rudiments

can’t stand the smell of swine

I think all flashy boys are grimy

take your hands off of me

Ill go Joe Jackson on that hinny

Now girls wanna be lawyers

parents looking pleased

did we reach em?

Na, Olivia Pope

American Dream side peice.



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