Potty Mouth

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Let it go
No beef
Work it out
party hard
My squad
Kills flows
Rap attack
Marly marl
Copy that
No joke
Hardy har
We’ll be spiking versus with the scriptures till you buy the bar
Hidden roof
And candy paint
Starving kids
Ask how it tastes
We for life
If its living
Don’t eliminate
Quit the politicking
No opinions
It written
Forget them
Good riddens
Get it while the good is getting
Cause Christ the only thing we talking bout
If they can’t walk with him
They can walk it out
We so Cole we get kicked up out of martins crib
Ignint acting ain’t as funny with no audience
So if ever fix your mouth to sin
Like polident
Wash it out with soap
And never think that thought again
And if you fix your lips to say we not the hottest out
Rince with listerine
And flush it out your potty mouth

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