On My Way (a Song for Chi – Chi)

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My best friend died
a grown man cried
the tears on my face
gives that grown man away
I still dont understand
I was on my way
to the hospital
I got down on my knees to pray
and asked my God to do a miracle if possible
if not to let the doctor do his job and bring her back
If not for the fact that she hurdled so many obsticles in

life and on track
the nerve in her back would still be intact.
Ok prayer done,
Now I got to run
I know shes waiting
Chi Chi beat Satan please
I know your still usefull
God will save you like bacon grease.
so good for the earth
Your still good for the greens
But before I get the steppin
let me check all of my messages
1 missed call from your cousin
hmmm, I wonder what she wanted?
(boop) Sean,
please sit down on something
we lost the fight
Chi Chi died last night.

Oh no, here we go
we got a faith situation
now im the one that needs a medic
sombody put me on the stretcher
how im spose to deal with that
why that had to happen
why God let me think my prior prayer
had a chance
when in advance
he already knew that she was passed past
I was pleading and praying for her life
and she was passed that.
and on top of that
now Im getting trashed by her sister
asking why Im missing
where was your tail at?
I told her I was on my way and she railed back
That dont really mean much
fema could a beat ya
Katrina couldnt beat us up as much as you not seeing her
You dont even really know how much you mean to her
Or how much I really meant to her
I still tear up when I mention her.
Come on get it together Sean
get ready for a storm
it tends to pour when it rains
and every day that goes on
without your Chi Chi is in pain
and dizzy quezy uneasy feelings just chilling in my brain
but if she really is gone
its time to move on
a lesson that Im still trying to learn till this day
just a fraction of the problems that Ive bottled up
Im still confused God
i guess we got a problem huh?
What’s good?
My prayers ain’t getting through, I wonder
Por que?
I thought we understood each other
And before they put her in the ground for good
Told God I wasn’t going nowhere
I am down for good
soon Ill understand
and until that day
God tell Chi Chi that Im on my way

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