Leave dem Boys Alone

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Lauren Amadi-


Bring it up
I’m bearing all like boy shorts
I’m breaking Fox news
CNN I-Reports
I’m blurting out things make a message stronger
Blogging word to the beat
Making moves like mongers
Had a lethal weapon called relationship
11 in all and all had a strong grip
My thinking was so backwards
When it came to how they acted
They were stringing me along
I moved on
Now I’m looking for a love like Duane and Tisha
Kenny Lattimore and Chante
Grant and Tamia
Out the gate paparazzi pondering
No break-up news got the Hollywood wondering
What they really care about
Is if you off-and-on again
Loving Kate
Divorced with 8 kids and
Now that makes me think twice
Should I get the telephone
If all them boys are calling
I’m thinking I’ll leave them boys alone

You say you can’t help it
When the little boy’s blue
You want your cuddy buddy
Cause it’s all about you
That’s something so disgusting
Infused with the lust and
Running to the judge
When your growth ain’t budging
To the future standing up Mablean or Mathis
Got it in for 2 years now you’re moving past it
Had it for a minute then its torn apart
Now its court cases, pre-nups and who’s at fault
I don’t want a love
Looking like a Bradgelina
Diddy, J-Lo, the Bennifers
The Ikes and the Tinas
Cannon-Carey is very scary
Publicity should never be a reason to marry
The short end of the stick
No it’s not appropriate
Going in before you get the green light let it rip
Never-lasting to never-lasting
Celebrity friction we’re live on television

If the devil wears prada
Then I wear red
You steady bed humping
And I just go to bed
Take it easy at night
While you out being nasty
Stacking stories of STD catastrophes
And that’s sick you don’t see
Maybe you won’t see it
Til you’re looking sickly
Skin thick and sticky
Dried up and prickly
Blood quickly drips
As you slip and trip see
I was on my way down the street one day
Hotel in VA
With plans of night play
With boyfriend but he
Got drunk could not stay
And I was rescued
From giving away
The one thing I didn’t wanna hold on to
Was scheming every method that was tried and true
I was sitting looking sad when it wouldn’t go through
The Big Boys intervened but are they looking 4 you

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