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Miles Austin:

Winner The Champ the best we are all of them
Cause we abandoned left to go right & not follow them
Sobriety Test I’m walking a thin line
He tried to Add the sex & drugs but couldn’t subtract my mind
They all wanted me dead so I just chilled in the cut
Then I transformed like best friends with Shia Labeouf
See I been a winner I ain’t even firing
Church x God I’m a product of my environment



Sean Grant:

We gon step inside cause its feeling like our night

and haters might try but they’ll never kill our vibe, why?

Cause we

winning, we winning in here (x4)


This is that new new
We make hits Youtube
Overcome the butterflies
Rocky three tiger eyes
Swim in wins synchronize
Trailblazers like clyde
Winners straight devour
In The Black Howard
Using his power
Winning Today
Matt Lauer
Kiss the game goodbye
Spin the bottle
Losing is rivals
Keep winning titles
Married to the wins
Like I do



Hey my name is sincere finally living sin clear took a couple years and tears to kill my mic fear so now that I’m up in here first drop kill shot and of fmgs with me its gon sound hot ain’t nothing to worry bout creme deli creme dudes yall spit we hauck and ha choooo highly blessed and knowing that we conquer ova sin so l loss what I don’t know what that is yo I’m winning in here im winning in here and man i’m feeling like a champ again and again and everybody talks but u know what it is I’m a winner man go head and killem kid


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