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Sean Grant-

What ya done for me recently?
Nothing as far we can see
The world is a let down
Just let me down easily
I prefer to be on easy street
But I’m stuck on hard boulevard
I need a long vacation
I pick my rental car up tomorrow
I driving down the street about a 100 miles an hour
Seem like every girl I meet at first she sweet and then she sour
Hotter than wasabi is the savior that we follow
But I wallow in the sorrows that he’ll take away tomorrow.
Bringing all the glory to his name is my mission
I’ve never been the same since he came,
Run and tell that I’m on my Antoine Dotson
Aint no need to hide
tell kids wives and husbands
P.s. Etc. Side note
That has been heart of every single thing that I wrote
I love it when they doubt me doubt me any time you feel like
Playin wit a pitbul is not smart because he will bite
This is only one of the many principles we live by
If you want more go get Jeremaya’s album If you feel like
Offensive lyrics got us all on the defense
Haters think we soft because we do this all in sequence
First priority is showing love
Money’s always runner up
Pride and obsession
Ain’t even honorable mentioned
Created so creative so we making more than money
Greed is overrated plus it cant do nothing for me
I’m a runner in this game
But the game will never run me
If you wanna stop me grab your gun and stretch me out like gumby.
I’m a rider till the death of me
Stay on fire, definitely
And that fire’s in my soul
It goes down to the depths of me
Chefin is my specialty
Jesus is the recipe
So Chop it up serve em
Just make sure some is left for me
You say you don’t believe in him
It’s cool We don’t believe in you
You say that you believe him
We don’t believe you till we see the fruit.

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