Power (remix)

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Sean Grant –

I’m gonna have to take a minute
And check all of the critics
Looking at me like I’m short
What you talkin bout Willis?
Save the feelings
Cause business what we talkin bout idnit?
I am losing patience
Disciplining y’all chillen
What y’all sayin on the internet
Is sounding mighty ignorant
Thought we was on the home team
You acting like we visiting
Already disowned me
they try to taint my image then
The only time y’all catch me looking soft was my christening
Some say I’m a hellian
And some call me heaven sent
But anybody that tick me off ain’t getting in
Ok I’m kiddin
y’all forgiven
make amends with them
But they tend to turn on you
Soon as you make friends with them
“Sean ain’t that sick
6th sense I see his ghost”
When he hop up on the beat
That’s gon be murder he wrote
Hometown hero
But they view him like a zero
Haters never see you
til they have to paint your mural
They try to write me off
Said I’m off in the head
So I’m gone
Does that make me crazy?
I’m cold a hundred below
Way bolder than before
All because my heart got tugged like a steam boat
All because my God got hung
Like a cheap coat
His eye is in the sparrow
Then what he looking at me for?
Although sometimes I feel like I’m flier than a G4
That’s when he clips my wings
my Pretty Wings
staying grounded gives you power
And if they scream
“you shouldnt serve God
Na that’s Woman’s Work Sean”
I tell them I am Fortunate to serve him
He’s my lifeline
Whenever Wherever Whatever
For a Lifetime
And let his light outshine my dark
Until he can’t tell
He don’t want my minimum bad
He wants my Maxwell
So I use my pen and my pad
Ok iPhone and iPad
To jot down notes from dad
Check out my app sales
I used to Mac well
Now God’s the apple of my eye
I had the wrong provider til he broke my chains and cracked hell.
Now I’m jailbroken and free
And I’m still hoping to see
Your heart open to be
A God focused mc
who’s kingdom is a strong tower
Now thats what I call real power!

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